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Epoch Coda



жанры: post-hardcore, screamo, emocore, emo
альбомы: This Is Your Way Out
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1200 просмотров
This time we heal the wounded 
we fail again 
im falling down with regret 
look away from everything 
and tell me what you see 
there's no coming back from here 

everything ill ever be i am 
everything i ever was 
look away from everything i am 
its all around me 

and im not looking back 
where everything was so familiar 
but so far away, so far away 
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oh my there is no ending 
i cant escape for this anymore 
oh God there's no way outta here 
the walls are closing in 
everthing ive ever loved is gone 
take this for what its worth 
ive found there is no meaning 
this is the end of me 
and im not holding back 
the worst is over 
theres no tomorrow 
this is your way out 

my god you lost a world you tried to make us love 
we havent seen the world
since you took our bodies and led them to the skies
as it carries us away 
i can feel his hands as they pull me in 
by your grace God let me fly 
set me free 
let me fly 
God let me fly
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Это интересно:Emarosa - пост-хардкор команда из шести участников, которая зародилась в Лексингтоне, штат Кентукки, в 2006 году.Их первый EP носит название This Is Your Way Out, записанный и спродюссированный Джоем Стургисом. Emarosa сначала подписали контракт со StandBy Records, но из-за проблем с выпуском EP они попутно подписали контракт с Rise Records, содержащим... продолжение
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