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жанры: screamo, post-hardcore, emocore, hardcore, experimental
альбомы: This Is Your Way Out
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1380 просмотров
Far away from somewhere
i'd like to call it close to you
the problem is
ive finally found a reasonim hoping that your safe now
now that you've found your way out
truth is the silence cant speak for you
theres to much to say
but words arent enough to speak foryou cant forget all these things that you know
this is the day of your reckoning
(pray for your life)
and i watched you create all of your shame
i know of a place that can
save you from the things you fearno one will hear the things you say
i know the things that you needi wont be the one to pull you
will you find your way back home
when everything you know is gone
tell me im the one who missed you here
what have i become
i try so hard just to forgetbefore the crowd of a silent mouth
like air in a dream of drowning
youll find yourself inside this moment
and confess that your at war
with what keeps you breathingyour holding your thoughts back to
keep you from speaking the words
you know you cant mean in the end
if this is what you want
then this is what youll get
i watched you fall to your knees as the waves
came tumbling down crashing upon
this wreckless abandoned
hope that you painted
inside of this life you live
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Это интересно:Emarosa - пост-хардкор команда из шести участников, которая зародилась в Лексингтоне, штат Кентукки, в 2006 году.Их первый EP носит название This Is Your Way Out, записанный и спродюссированный Джоем Стургисом. Emarosa сначала подписали контракт со StandBy Records, но из-за проблем с выпуском EP они попутно подписали контракт с Rise Records, содержащим... продолжение
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