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жанры: post-hardcore, screamo, emocore
альбомы: This Is Your Way Out
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1008 просмотров
i'm watching the sky turn from black to the grey 
and this is the end i know we're not afraid 
surrender your hands its to late to let go 
we're still breathing, dont stop breathing 
the ground is falling under my feet
we're still around here 
we're fading with time 
there's no fear open your eyes
we're standing still now 
we're going nowhere 
its not to late to crawl its not to late 

Reach the end ill meet you there 
in a world that never let you in 
in a world where you found grace 
i watched the water pull you in 
(as it carries you away)

I know you wont let fall on my own 
there's no reason reason to abandon here

Open your eyes and witness the power 
of a place thats lost control 
his creation at its finest 
its what we call our home 

My life passes by as the sky starts to fade 
if this is the end i know im not afraid 
the meaning of this is becoming so clear 
prepare for the worst this is going to be hell 
i know you wont be there i fall alone 
tell me why i am still standing here
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Это интересно:Emarosa - пост-хардкор команда из шести участников, которая зародилась в Лексингтоне, штат Кентукки, в 2006 году.Их первый EP носит название This Is Your Way Out, записанный и спродюссированный Джоем Стургисом. Emarosa сначала подписали контракт со StandBy Records, но из-за проблем с выпуском EP они попутно подписали контракт с Rise Records, содержащим... продолжение
А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "Casablanca" ?
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