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  1. That's What I Do
  2. You're Gonna Die Soon
  3. Porn Song
  4. So Great
  5. Nobody's Perfect
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"Sarah Silverman"
  1. Jesus Is Magic

That's What I Do


Sarah Silverman

альбомы: Jesus Is Magic
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.5 / 1491 просмотр
Yo I remember head spin at ______ 
  Used to get nervous when Zach here grabbed the mic 
  And asked the crowd where the MCs at 
  Take a look at me now 
  The biggest disaster to ever grab a mic 
  That's why I wear a ridiculous master_____ 
  And a style you like whoa, maybe you don't 
  Lemme call this real quick 
  Maybe I pwned you on a few tracks 
  You think you got some bones to pick 
  I ain't gotta deal with shit like that anymore man 
  I met Bobby Gorgeous check it 
  Tell it, POS so fresh 
  Has never settled for less 
  Unless of course you're sore 
  Dealin' with Mr.  Of Course 
  Yeah the source of the Doomtree 
  Tour de force of insane style 
  Pours from the pores 
  Of this poor black youth 
  Yet we all listen on for 
  Simply bored of ya 
  Get the fuck outta here 
  Remember sixth grade 
  Pencil fights and thumb-wars and bikes? 
  Yeah well I still do that shit 

  ...It's simple umm 
  Do that shit 
  Fucking, the biggest fucking face I've seen in my life 
  No seriously you can stop it now 
  Yeah okay cool...
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Это интересно:Хитоми (Hitomi, яп. ヒトミ, род. 26 января 1976) — японская популярная певица, сочинительница песен, владелица собственной звукозаписывающей студии и защитница животных. Известна благодаря релизам "CANDY GIRL" (1995), "LOVE 2000" (2000), и "SAMURAI DRIVE" (2002).Последний студийный альбом "SPIRIT" вышел 27 апреля, 2011.
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