Run to the Sun



жанры: hip-hop, rnb, funk
альбомы: In Search Of...
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1440 просмотров
Thinking about the time we share
And how I wasn't there
It hurt me
These people overwork me
Then I heard maybe soon you'll leave
Excuse me lord if you have tricks up your sleeve
I'm not ready to be bereaved
I know I'm always asking for something
Or another
But this time, it's just time
'Cause I love her
But baby if he don't change his mind
Or fate or time
Girl I want to leave you with this line[Chorus]
It goes while you're here
I wanna tell you something
It's that I love you girl
Yeah, and I wish we could run to the sun
And never come back
YeahYesterday I tied two rocks together
That symbolize our lives
And threw them in the ocean
Now they're on the ocean floor coastin'
'Til they stop rollin' so far
That no sonar would list them
To the point that no one would even believe that we existed
I know that may sound twisted
But my neglect is killin' me
I feel so guilty
Please have faith if you feel me[Repeat Chorus 2X]Though you're probably feelin' blue
And you'll do what you must do
I hope you know
I'd hand the skies to you
I'm so embarrassed for mankind
They have the nerve to let their weapon shine
They're so stupid
Do they not know you're about to fly high
AwayWith the wings that God will give you someday
I'm not jealous
I just can't take it
S.O.S. to your ears, the only thing I ever feared was this day
And having to say[Repeat Chorus 3X
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Это интересно:Аббревиатура N*E*R*D., по словам участников проекта, расшифровывается просто: «No One Ever Really Dies». Или: «Никто на самом деле не умирает». В этом уверены Фаррелл Уилльямс (Pharrell Williams) и Чед Хьюго (Chad Hugo), больше известные как продюсерский тандем The Neptunes, и присоединившийся к ним рэппер Шей (Shay). Это не поза, не умничанье. Это жизненная... продолжение
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