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"The Shivers"
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"The Shivers"
  1. Charades



The Shivers

жанры: beautiful
альбомы: Charades
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1239 просмотров
I'll never grasp
Your mother's life you oughta found in photographs.
I'll never stay
Too insecure, too predestined to run away
Fly, fly, fly, so high, the geese fly south
To steal the kiss upon your scared little winter mouth.

Give to me your soul,
Give to me all the fishes in your wishin' bowl,
Then go.

I'm gettin' to know you girl..
I've seen you with your glasses on,
I've seen you in your daddy's arms,
I've seen you drive a car.
I'm gettin' to love you more
With each day gone by,
With each wish upon a shooting star,
I wish for your love.

I'm freakin' out.
I run my mouth
My life's a series of circles.
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan dreams
And trips out to the island.
Your big brown eyes go searchin' me.
I want those eyes a-smilin.

And you can leave, you can go.
Honey, you're a fool to think that I won't follow.
And I'm not a poet, and I'm not a clown.
I just think these things and I write them down.

Spin, spin, spin, it 'round again.
Darlin' if you change i'm still your friend.
Spin, spin, spin, it 'round the world,
You're the sun, the stars, the ocean
You're just a girl
Spin spin spin it 'round the moon
I'll be singin' with my my best lover's crow
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