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жанры: hip-hop, funk, psychedelic
альбомы: awE naturalE
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1089 просмотров
[Verse 1]
This man of my thoughts
I need all of mine
I'm devoted, they are taught
No need for a controller
I am a master with the tricks up my sleeve
You must believe, I will achieve
Life flies past I still succeed[Verse 2]
Warm on a cold one, on a cold front
Warm how you hold one
On a rolled blunt
On the road hunt
Catching double d, trouble from the [?]
Throwing out a old one
I am floored i was bored
I could have sworn it was two blunts
I had the [?] rush, the one two punch
Travel earth [?]
That was only you son[Chorus]
Loosen up my mind
Blaze it and unwind
Breathe at least one time[Verse 3]
God berry eyes
High smoking cherry pie
OPassage yo I barely drive
Queen supreme being
Eloquent kush god its black rose intelligent
Heads wraps being kissed by African son
Black all [?] dreams I'm wrapping my blunt
Fuck a club lets make love in the bathtub
Warm [?] ighting cavas while we pass bud
Me and my dealer bowing Indica and africa
Never [?]
Hieroglyphics Bobby could [?]
I'm looking on the tattoo [?]
Please Queen light a spliff pass the reefling
Heated floors in the bathroom [?]
House party hella bitches
If i throw it at you mommy go ahead and toss it back[Chorus][Verse 4: Palaceer Lazaro]
Shit I was raised in the Cadillac
My pretty moms was pro-black
Sent me to the store for cigs and a new [?]
Dames with the throwbakcs
My uncles getting blowed back
Hit me with bills shit
Then it where the hoes at
The beauty comes for past [?]
I watched a crumble style
Two fingers with the thumb T
Then she pick the plumb before she lick it with her tongue
Im talking game while they toking on the flame
They passing it and laughing [?]
They close they eyes, they lost inside
Its like they flying, she said we high
Her voice is [?] from heaven scented beings
One she said one day you know exactly what it means
Это интересно:Формально они из хип-хоп-лагеря. Но если так, то перед нами та редкая запись, которая показывает жанр под другим углом, оседает в коллекциях меломанов совершенно других музпредпочтений и остается маленьким бриллиантом в истории поп-музыки - именно ее, а не хип-хопа.Дуэт из Сиэтла THEESatisfaction – это две темнокожие барышни, Стася Айронс и Катерин Xаррис-Уайт, которые выглядят не как крутые... продолжение
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