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"Secondhand Serenade"
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"Secondhand Serenade"
  1. A Twist in My Story
  2. Awake
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Like a Knife


Secondhand Serenade

жанры: emo, acoustic, rock
альбомы: A Twist in My Story
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1073 просмотра
I dream a lot, I know you say
You've got to get away
The world is not yours for the taking
Is all you ever sayI know I'm not the best for you
But promise that you'll stay
'Cause if I watch you go, you'll see me wasting
You'll see me wasting away'Cause today you walked out of my life
'Cause today your words felt like a knife
I'm not living this lifeGoodbyes are meant for lonely people
Standing in the rain
And no matter where I go
It's always pouring all the sameThese streets are filled with memories
Both perfect and in pain
And all I wanna do is love you
But I'm the only one to blame'Cause today you walked out of my life
'Cause today your words felt like a knife(But what do I know if you're leaving?)
All you did was stop the bleeding
But these scars will stay forever
These scars will stay foreverAnd these words they have no meaning
If we cannot find the feeling
That we held on to together
Try your hardest to rememberStay with me or watch me bleed
I need you just to breathe'Cause today you walked out of my life
(Stay with me or watch me bleed)
'Cause today your words felt like a knife
(I need you just to breathe)
I'm not living this life
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Это интересно:Secondhand Serenade (настоящее имя John Vesely) – рок-музыкант из Калифорнии. Начал свою карьеру с выступлений в группе "Sounds Like Life".При поддержке отца, профессионального джаз-музыканта в Чехии, начал заниматься музыкой в 12 лет, 8 лет играл на бас-инструментах в различных местных группах.Начал самостоятельно писать музыку, нашёл деньги и отправился в студию записывать свой... продолжение
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