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Benz Truck (Prod. by smokeasac)


Lil Peep

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Lil Bo Peep 
with a brand new [bad word] 
In the back of the club 
with the goth boy clique

Iced out teeth
On a iced out whip
With the limousine tints 
so you can suck my [bad word] 

Friends switch up 
when you in the benz truck
Always wanna [bad word] 
tell the [bad word] good luck, 

always wanna [bad word] 
cause I just came up.
Drugs in my nose, 
good drugs in my cup.

I don't wanna wait now,
But I know you gonna make me.
Who you wanna hate now?
Pretty soon you're gonna hate me

Gettin to the cake now
All the hate don't phase me.
All the money that I make now,
I'll never let it change me.
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А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "Benz Truck (Prod. by smokeasac)" ?
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