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"Dan Hill"
  1. Sometimes When We Touch
  2. Shot Down in Flames

Dan Hill

жанры: pop, 80s, singer-songwriter, canadian, rock, soft rock
Это интересно: The Snake Corps came together in 1984 following the break-up of Sad Lovers & Giants (SL&G) the previous year.Aiming for a harder-edged sound, core members Tristan Garel-Funk and Nigel Pollard advertised in the Melody Maker for the necessary musicians. After many auditions they settled on Marc Lewis and Liam McGuinness on vocals and bass respectively. This original incarnation set about establishing its own sound - recording demos of songs later to appear on the band’s albums as well as a video of Look East for Eden at Kingston Poly where Marc was a student.After some initial success building a local following and reconnecting with many of the fans of SL&G, Nigel left the... продолжение

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